The happiest places to live

A poll of over 1,000 British expats living in destinations including Australia, Canada, France, Jersey, South Africa, Spain the UAE and the USA revealed the places where Brits abroad feel happiest.

The poll found that in general, moving abroad results in a better quality of life as three quarters of Britons who decided to leave the country reported a better overall lifestyle.

The majority of those polled said they earn more than they did at home, while half benefit from a lower cost of living. 58% reported that they are generally happier than they were in Britain.

Most of the people who moved to the USA enjoy an increase in salary as well as a lower cost of living. 86% of expats in Switzerland felt that they had superior healthcare to that in Britain.

The results for Jersey show that 73% of expats feel more cheerful than they did in Britain, compared to 56% in Canada and 55% in Australia.

Figures for Spain reveled that two thirds of Brits there have a lower costs of living with the majority considering there to be better healthcare.

France hit the top spot for quality of life with 89% of expats reporting it was better there than in Britain. 60% said the same about South Africa.

79% found that New Zealand was better place to raise children compared with 92% of those who had moved to Guernsey.

When it comes to safety, the Isle of Man tops the polls as 93% of said that they feel safer there than they did at home. Schooling is better there too according to 71%.

A total of 76% polled in the Emirates reported a better quality of life, the majority are happier and 87% have a better overall lifestyle.

Many of the reasons given for being more chipper related to the weather with increased opportunity to enjoy outside activities like going to the beach, swimming and just generally being outside in the sunshine. Other reasons were more relaxed and cheaper lifestyles.

The Office for National Statistics reports that 141,000 Britons left the UK in 2013 and whilst moving overseas is very exciting, it’s important to be well-informed about your chosen destination and what is involved in not only getting there but living there too.

Information relating to healthcare, schooling, pensions, salaries, tax needs to be carefully considered to ensure that the move is a happy one.

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