Worldwide Lawyers is a UK based service connecting UK clients to international lawyers across the world.

It is becoming increasingly common for UK residents to require assistance from a legal professional based overseas. We act as a portal through which your firm can be connected to this UK market.

We build a rapport with your future clients to identify their legal needs and match these to the specific skills and services offered by your firm.

We establish contact with UK residents requiring your firm’s services through advertising at targeted events and exhibitions, utilising our network of UK lawyers and other professionals, search engine optimisation of our website, advertising in travel publications and active use of social media.

Worldwide Lawyers works with international lawyers who deliver a high standard of customer service, provide advice in English, comply with all regulatory requirements, possess appropriate professional indemnity insurance and maintain an excellent reputation for advising UK clients.

If you want to generate increased business and believe you have the necessary skills, qualifications and expertise to assist UK clients with their legal needs in your jurisdiction please contact us on 01244 470 339 or at