There are many different circumstances in which you may need advice from a foreign lawyer as it becomes increasingly common for people in the UK to travel, trade and live overseas.

Making sure that you receive good, independent legal advice from an English-speaking overseas lawyer with experience of your particular circumstances and the local law is essential whatever your legal need.

We work with a wide range of lawyers across the world covering many different types of legal work. Whether you need advice from an overseas lawyer in relation to your home, business or family we can find a lawyer to help you.

We can also connect you to an international lawyer to provide supporting services to UK solicitors.

This may include service of documents in a foreign country, providing a report as to the law in a different jurisdiction or enforcement of legal orders abroad. Dealing with any legal matter can be complicated, especially when in a country where the legal processes are unfamiliar to you.

Instructing a reliable independent international lawyer to protect your interests before any formal steps are taken in your overseas legal matter can save you time, money and unnecessary hassle.

If you require a legal advice in relation to a matter not specifically discussed on this website, please contact us onĀ 01244 470 339 to be put you in touch with an English speaking Independent foreign lawyer to help you.