Worldwide Lawyers is a UK based service connecting you and your clients to lawyers across the world.

It is increasingly common for solicitors and their clients to require the services of a lawyer overseas. This may be in connection with a matter that you are already dealing with or a request for help from a client who is looking for assistance with a foreign legal matter.

Worldwide Lawyers provides a portal through which you can access trusted legal professionals qualified to provide the advice required in the relevant jurisdiction.

This service will allow you to add value to your clients whilst avoiding the costs of calls abroad and incurring hours of non-chargeable time in locating an appropriate foreign lawyer.

Worldwide Lawyers works with legal professionals across the world who deliver a high standard of customer service, provide advice in English and maintain an excellent reputation for advising UK clients and solicitors in the UK.

We offer the added security of establishing that the lawyers in our network are registered with the appropriate regulatory body in their country of practice. We also ask them to provide details of their professional indemnity insurance giving you and your client added security.

As well as finding a lawyer to help your clients with matters outside of your jurisdiction, Worldwide Lawyers can connect you to foreign legal professionals who can support the services offered by your firm. This may include service of documents in a foreign country, providing a report as to the law in a different jurisdiction, enforcement of legal orders abroad or helping to complete an estate administration where there are assets abroad.

If you or your client need to instruct a lawyer qualified in a foreign jurisdiction, do not hesitate to contact us.

Call us on 01244 470 339 email us at or use our contact form to get in touch. One of our friendly and experienced representatives will briefly discuss your matter with you and, if required, put you in touch with a recommended English-speaking lawyer to suit your client’s foreign legal needs.