Inheriting Australian and New Zealand shares

If you are dealing with the inheritance of shares held in Australian or New Zealand companies – such as shares in Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Brambles or ANZ Bank for instance – you will need to follow the relevant process so that the inherited shares can be transferred or sold. Dealing with the inheritance of Australian […]


Inheriting a Spanish property

This article is based on the assumption that the deceased was a UK national however, we can also assist the beneficiaries of Spanish property from all over the world. If you need help in dealing with the inheritance of a Spanish property or other assets in Spain, contact us on (+44) 01244 470339 or email     […]


Waiving a foreign inheritance

If you are the beneficiary or heir of an estate with assets abroad, it may be that you do not want to receive the inheritance and would like to waive or refuse your right to receive the foreign inheritance. There are a number of reasons why a beneficiary may want to reject their inheritance, such […]


Buying property in Greece and the Greek Islands – top tips

Greece and its beautiful islands continue to be a popular choice for holiday makers and homebuyers alike, despite not being in a great economic state. In fact, the economic downturn offers those considering buying property on mainland Greece and the Greek islands – including Corfu, Zante, Kefalonia, Lefkas, Rhodes and more – a great opportunity to bag a […]

When should you consider using a currency exchange specialist?

When dealing with overseas assets such as property, shares and banks accounts, for instance, it can be a minefield knowing where to start. Instructing a reputable foreign lawyer in the country where the assets are held will almost certainly be a necessity. However, once you’ve instructed a foreign lawyer to handle the legalities it can […]