Inheritance Tax in Italy

Inheritance tax in Italy is relatively low compared to other countries and there are a number of allowances which mean that in many cases there won’t be any Italian inheritance tax to pay when inheriting an Italian estate. If you are dealing with an estate where there are assets located in Italy there are however some things […]

Inheriting a Spanish Bank Account

If you are dealing with an estate of a deceased person who held a bank account in Spain it can be quite complex (and very frustrating) to deal with the Spanish legal process required to release the balance held in the Spanish bank. The process of inheriting a bank account in Spain is the same […]

Cross border estate administration

Cross Border Estates

Last Tuesday we should have been presenting our Dealing with Cross-Border Estates Seminar at Birmingham University of Law. It was a shame we had to cancel this as we were looking forward to catching up with new and existing contacts. This will be rearranged when it’s possible to do so, as will similar events at […]

Claim Your Spanish-Off-Plan Property Deposit Refund

If you were one of the thousands of people who paid and lost your deposit for an off-plan Spanish property that was not completed, make sure you make your claim for a refund before the deadline of 7 October 2020. Who can make a Spanish Off-Plan Property Deposit Claim? If you paid a deposit for […]


Resealing Grants of Probate in Jersey

When dealing with an estate where there are assets in Jersey it will usually be necessary to get a Jersey Grant of Probate (if there is a will) or a Jersey ‘Grant of Letters of Administration’ (where there is no will) in order to release the assets. Can I reseal a Grant of Probate obtained […]