How to get a spanish birth certificate

How to get a birth certificate in Spain?

Obtaining a copy of a birth certificate for someone born in Spain can be difficult if you do not speak Spanish or are not familiar with the registration processes in Spain. Fortunately Worldwide Lawyers are here to help and can obtain a Spanish birth certificate on your behalf.


What information do you need to get a copy of a Spanish birth certificate?

You will need to be able to provide following information available in order to order a copy of a Spanish birth certificate.

  • Where the birth happened *
    • Autonomous community *
    • Province *
    • Civil Registry *
  • Date of birth *
  • Details of whom the certificate concerns *
    • Full name*
    • DNI
    • Mother’s name
    • Father’s name
  • The Volume and Page number of the record
    • Mandatory if the birth is before 1950 *
  • Address to which the certificate will be sent *
  • Cause for request of certificate *

The more information you are able to provide the easier it will be to obtain the certificate. The details marked with an asterisk* are mandatory to allow us to obtain a copy of a birth certificate from Spain.

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All administrative and legal matters in Spain for a non-Spanish speaker can prove very difficult, so if you are in the process of sorting out matters such as inheritance, wills, purchasing property or any other endeavour, we are here to help.