affidavit of foreign law probate

Need an affidavit from a foreign lawyer?

If a person who is domiciled outside of the UK dies owning assets in the UK, the probate registry will usually ask for an affidavit of foreign law (also know as declaration of heirs or certificate of heirs) before issuing the Grant of Probate/ Grant of Letters of administration to the executors or administrators of […]


The property buying process in Cyprus

Buying a property in Cyprus can be complicated, so it’s advisable to seek the advice of an independent lawyer early in the buying process to guide you through the property buying system in Cyprus.   There are four key steps to buying a property in Cyprus: 1. Preliminary Contract in Cyprus When buying a property in Cyprus initially you […]

gifting property in Spain

Gifting a property in Spain

There are many reasons why you might want to transfer or ‘gift’ a Spanish property to a child, family member or other person. Maybe to avoid inheritance tax, as part of a divorce settlement or merely out of the goodness of your heart. Unfortunately, transferring or gifting Spanish property is not as straightforward as it may initially […]

Cyprus Village Medieval World Heritage Fikardou

Why do I need a lawyer when buying property in Cyprus?

There are many advantages to buying a property in Cyprus, whether it’s a permanent move or an investment in a holiday home. The year-round sunshine, relaxed culture breath-taking scenery, picturesque villages, bustling cities to name just a few. However, there are a number of pitfalls that foreign buyers may encounter when purchasing a property in Cyprus, […]