probate when deceased domiciled abroad

Foreign deceased with UK assets

If a person who did not live permanently in the UK dies leaving assets in the UK, a Grant of Probate will be required to deal with these assets. If the deceased was from a commonwealth country and a Grant of Probate or equivalent document has already been obtained in that country, the executor or administrator […]

5 Steps to getting a Grant of Probate resealed in the UK

When someone dies who owns assets in England and Wales (ie bank account, shares, property etc), it is usually necessary to obtain a Grant of Probate to deal with the assets. If the person who died did not live permanently in the UK, a Grant of Probate (or equivalent document) may have already been obtained […]

How to value a Spanish timeshare for Probate

If you are dealing with estate of someone who owned a Spanish timeshare when they died, you will need to get the Spanish timeshare valued for the purposes of obtaining probate. Spanish timeshares are however notoriously difficult to value (it’s hard to give them away, let alone to sell them!) and just because a timeshare website […]

jersey probate law

Jersey Probate Law

If you are dealing with an estate where there are assets located in Jersey, you will need to understand the Jersey probate process so that you can release those assets. You should note that the Jersey probate process is quite different to that of the UK and the other crown dependencies (Guernsey, Isle of Man […]

Are Spanish Timeshare Claims a Scam?

If you have been contacted by a Spanish timeshare company claiming to be able to cancel your Spanish timeshare or claim compensation on your Spanish timeshare you may be wondering whether it is a scam. Whilst it is actually completely possible to cancel a Spanish timeshare and also to make a Spanish timeshare compensation claim […]