Can a document be notarised remotely in the UK?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and restrictions enforced, many businesses and individuals in the UK are looking to deal with the notarisation of documents remotely over the internet using video conference technology such as Zoom, Facetime, Whatsapp, Teams or other similar online platforms.

If you require the assistance of a notary but are not able to have a face to face appointment, we will be happy to assist if possible. Not all documents are suitable for online or remote notarisation however, so please get in touch to find out it will be possible in your circumstances.

Our Frequently asked questions set out what you need to know…

Can a document be notarised remotely in England and Wales?

Whilst some documents can be notarised remotely by a notary in England and Wales it is not possible in all cases.

It will depend on:

  • the type of document to be notarised;
  • whether remotely notarised documents are acceptable in the country where the document will be used;
  • whether the notary is able to comply with the notarial practise rules and guidance on remote notarisation.

What documents can be notarised remotely in England and Wales?

The following documents could be notarised remotely depending on the circumstances.

  • Certification of UK issues degree/ A level / GCSE/ other qualification certificates
  • DBS / ACRO / Criminal Records Checks
  • Company Documents / Certificates of good standing/ certificates of incorporation etc
  • Certified copies of documents
  • Certified copies of court documents e.g. Decree Absolute relating to divorce
  • Documents where a signature is required to be witnessed by a notary such as:
    • Powers of Attorney
    • Letters of Authority
    • Deeds

Where the notary is required to authenticate the signing or execution of a document, it would be necessary to have a notary appointment via video-call which facilitates communication of visual images and audio in real time such as Zoom, Facetime, Whatsapp etc. It will not be possible to deal with this just over email or a audio only phone call.

There are lots of different types of documents that may require notarisation, please contact us to see if your document can be notarised remotely.

Can I have an Oath or Statutory Declaration notarised remotely?

No. It is a requirement of the laws of England and Wales that a person swearing an oath or affidavit or making a statutory declaration must be physically present with the notary. Therefore it is not possible for these to be notarised without a face to face appointment.

How do I arrange a remote appointment with a notary? 

Contact with a copy of the document that requires notarisation together with any instructions that you have received with the regard to the notarisation.

In all cases it will be necessary to ensure that the recipient of the document will accept a document that has been notarised remotely. If you have obtained this confirmation from your advisor or the recipient in the receiving jurisdiction that the document can be notarised via video-conference or similar online technology, please also send confirmation of this.

 Guide to remote notarisation in England and Wales

  • You must be physically located in England and Wales.
  • Confirmation will need to be obtained to ensure that the document concerned will be acceptable in the receiving jurisdiction if notarised remotely.
  • You will need to have access to a suitable video-conferencing technology and be able to sign a paper version of the document (unless electronic signature is acceptable to the recipient) if the notarisation requires the notary to witness the signing or execution of the document.
  • You must have access to email and be able to email the relevant documents.
  • The notary must be able to ensure compliance with the all of their regulatory requirements and the relevant laws of England and Wales.

If you would like to find out more about having a document notarised via video- conference, please get in touch with Sara Janion at or call 01244 470 339.