Italian family certificate

What is an Italian Family Certificate?

When dealing with inheritance matters in Italy, you may be requested by the Italian authorities to produce a document called Certificato di stato di Famiglia (Family Certificate). This document is extracted from official public registers held at Italian Councils (Comune) certifying your family relationship with the deceased or other family members. It contains information regarding members of […]

Italy flag

Inheriting an Italian estate 

If you are dealing with the inheritance of Italian assets, it can be hard to know where to start, especially if you are not an Italian citizen yourself. You will probably have a number of questions about how to deal with the Italian estate such as: How do you obtain Italian probate? What inheritance laws apply to the Italian estate? Is there inheritance […]

German inheritance

Obtaining probate in Germany

The equivalent of a Grant of Probate in Germany is called a Certificate of Inheritance (Erbschein) or Certificate of Executorship (Testaments-vollstreckerzeugnis), both of which are issued by the German probate court (Nachlassgericht).  It is necessary to have either a Certificate of Inheritance or a Certificate of Executorship in order to access the assets of an […]

NZ and Australia signposts

Inheriting Australian and New Zealand shares

If you are dealing with the inheritance of shares held in Australian or New Zealand companies – such as shares in Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Brambles or ANZ Bank for instance – you will need to follow the relevant process so that the inherited shares can be transferred or sold. Dealing with the inheritance of Australian […]


Inheriting a Spanish property

This article is based on the assumption that the deceased was a UK national however, we can also assist the beneficiaries of Spanish property from all over the world. If you need help in dealing with the inheritance of a Spanish property or other assets in Spain, contact us on (+44) 01244 470339 or email     […]