Immoveable Property Commission: Northern Cyprus compensation claims – New deadline December 2023!

In order to compensate Greek Cypriots who lost control of their properties during the Turkish military intervention in 1974, the government in the ‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’ (TRNC) passed legislation which created the Immovable Property Compensation Commission (IPC) in 2005. The IPC was set up specifically to provide a just and effective remedy to the situation.

According to the Immoveable Property Commission, as of 11 December 2019, 6,629 applications have been lodged with the Commission and 970 of them have been concluded through friendly settlements and 33 through formal hearing. To date the IPC has paid more than £300 million to the applicants in compensation.

Initially, the Immovable Property Commission was intended to operate until 21 December 2009. Since that, there have been multiple extensions and the IPC has recently extended the deadline for applications. The new deadline is December 2023.

It is welcome news that the deadline has been further extended, however, those looking to make a claim should not put it off as it may be necessary to obtain probate in Cyprus first, if the original legitimate claimant(s) (i.e. the person whose name the title deeds are in) has since passed away. Probate in Cyprus can take time, and so it’s advisable to seek legal expert advice on this at the earliest opportunity, to ensure that the necessary process is handled in a timely manner to avoid missing the IPC deadline of December 2023.

Who is eligible to make a claim to the Immoveable Property Commission?

Anyone who lost control of their property due to the Turkish military intervention in 1974 may be entitled to make a claim to the IPC. Where the property is in the name of a deceased person, the heirs of the legitimate claimant may be able to make a claim. An application can be submitted by the legal heirs of the deceased person. If you do not hold the title deeds and/or other relevant documentation necessary in order to make the application, it is possible to carry out a land registry check to obtain the necessary documents.

How do I make a claim to the Immoveable Property Commission?

Although it is possible to make a claim independently, it is advisable to instruct a lawyer who has experience assisting Greek Cypriots and their families with claims to the Immoveable Property Compensation Commission for compensation.

If probate is required, you will also need to speak with a Cypriot lawyer in the Republic of Cyprus who can assist with this.

Worldwide Lawyers will be happy to recommend suitable contacts who can assist with both the inheritance and probate and the IPC claim.

How long will my Immoveable Property Commission claim take?

Claims to the IPC vary depending on the case. It should be noted that claims can take several years, and it has been widely reported that there can be delays in receiving compensation. Nevertheless, it is certainly worth making an application if you have a legitimate claim as compensation can be considerable.

For further information about IPC claims, see the full article here: Lost Property in Northern Cyprus – The Immoveable Property Commission.

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