How To Reduce The Cost Of Your Divorce

On average over 118,000 couples get divorced in England and Wales each year. The process of getting divorced is not only stressful and time consuming it is also expensive. With not only the legality of the divorce to be dealt with but also the matrimonial finances, the average cost of legal fees in a divorce in England and Wales is £13,500 – and that’s per person not per couple!

In most divorce cases it is helpful for the couple to have someone (i.e a divorce solicitor) to assist them with the process of untangling their financial affairs to ensure that matters are dealt with properly and the divorce continues to be progressed towards a final resolution.

Instructing a divorce solicitor to assist you with the legal and financial separation is however invariably an expensive process. With uncertainty as to how matters will eventually pan out and how much time will be involved, the costs can be unpredictable and therefore a daunting prospect for couples wishing to divorce.

Although there are many companies advertising DIY, “quickie” or cheap divorces, most couples do require a level of professionalism and assistance throughout their divorce processes.


So is it possible to deal with divorce matters cheaply but with professional help?

Fortunately, there is now a cost effective online divorce solution for couples in England and Wales who don’t necessarily require the assistance of a divorce solicitor for the whole process. As it is online, the solution allows couples to manage and finalise their own matrimonial disputes, in their own time, whilst also having the support of experienced family lawyers as and when required.

This professional online divorce solution has been created by a top tier specialist family law firm. It allows couples to reduce the costs of their divorce by having the online application guide them through dealing with the majority of their matrimonial affairs step by step but also provides access to experienced professionals at the necessary stages.

Couples receive a divorce pack including the divorce paperwork and guidance about how to complete it. The online application takes them through the stages of sorting out all the matrimonial finances and, when required, each party can choose their own barrister to assist them where necessary from an online panel of expert barristers. The whole service is provided on a fixed fee basis, which is a fraction of the average cost of instructing a divorce lawyer.

The solution also guarantees that, within the fixed fee, a legally binding conclusion will be achieved by the end of the process- a guarantee that solicitors dealing with divorces are not usually able to provide.


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