Immoveable Property Commission: Northern Cyprus Compensation Claims Deadline Extended!!

In May 2015 Worldwide Lawyers published an article encouraging owners of property in Northern Cyprus that had been abandoned during the Turkish military intervention in 1974, to investigate whether they would be eligible to make a claim for compensation for the loss of that property.

In 2005 the government in the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” (TRNC) passed legislation which created the Immovable Property Compensation Commission (IPC), an organisation which seeks to provide a just and effective remedy to the property claims of Greek Cypriots who lost control of their properties in the 1970’s.

Originally, the Immovable Property Commission was intended to operate from the date of the legislation until 21 December 2009 and was later extended to 21 December 2015 and then to December 2017. UPDATE: The Immoveable Property Commission claims deadline has now been extended again for at least another 2 years until December 2019.

For further information about to find out who is eligible to claim, see the full article here: Lost Property in Northern Cyprus – The Immoveable Property Commission.

According to the Immoveable Property Commission, as of 14 December 2015, 6249 applications have been lodged with the Commission and the Commission has paid £213,208,171 in compensation to applicants.

I want to make a claim to the IPC. What do I do next?

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