Cancelling Timeshares In Portugal

Many people who have an unwanted timeshare in Portugal wish to cancel their timeshare but find it hard to know who to trust.

The timeshare industry has attracted a very bad reputation over the years, and with good reason! High pressure sales tactics, unscrupulous salespeople and out and out lies have left many people feeling completely duped by the whole timeshare experience.

Not only that, but many people who already own timeshares in Portugal are regularly contacted by “Timeshare Specialist” companies offering to help to “sell” or “cancel” their timeshare. Often these companies are just scam companies set up to extract more money and without actually delivering what they promise, leaving timeshare owners in the same position – just further out of pocket!

This articles discusses cancelling your timeshare in Portugal. For information about cancelling your timeshare in Spain see our article about timeshares in Spain here: How To Cancel Your Spanish Timeshare Contract And Claim Your Money Back!

Many people who have a timeshare in Portugal wish to cancel their timeshare for various reasons, including:

  • They are not receiving the benefits expected from the timeshare;
  • The are not using the timeshare;
  • The maintenance fees have escalated;
  • They do not want the burden of the timeshare to pass to their children.

If you want to cancel your Portuguese timeshare contract, you should ensure that you instruct a well established and reputable law firm who have the expertise to assist you with this. But how can you spot a good company from a bad one? Well, this is easier said than done and you are right to be cautious.

There are many companies and “associations” online which appear to be legitimate but are actually scams targeted at timeshare owners who are desperate to get out of their timeshare contracts.

As a good rule of thumb, be cautious of the following:

  • Anyone who cold calls you or contacts you without you having contacted them first. This begs the immediate question of how they got your details in the first place. Despite what they tell, it is likely that they have bought or stolen your details from a timeshare company in order to elicit money from you.
  • Forums providing “advice” about cancelling your timeshare. At best these are often frequented by well meaning, but completely unqualified people passing on snippets of information which have varying degrees of accuracy. In some cases the “advise” can actually make your situation worse or jeopardise your position. At worst these are used by companies trying to obtain contact details from people with timeshares who are vulnerable to timeshare related cons.
  • Firms set up solely to deal with timeshare claims. Although there may be some genuine companies, it may be better to speak with a law firm which deals with a range of legal matters but has experience and expertise with timeshare claims in Portugal rather than a company of timeshare ‘specialists’ specifically targeting people with timeshares in Portugal.
How can I cancel my timeshare contract in Portugal?

There are various pieces of legislation, contract law and consumer laws which provide for the cancellation of timeshares in Portugal. You do however need to make sure that you instruct a reputable lawyer with expertise in dealing with timeshare matters in Portugal to ensure that you get accurate information about what is and isn’t possible in your specific situation.

Having an unwanted timeshare can become a very stressful experience for many people. However there is usually a way to solve the problem and relieve yourself of this burden if you seek proper advice.

If you have an unwanted timeshare in Portugal and would like to seek advise from a lawyer with experience and expertise in dealing with cancelling timeshares in Portugal and making timeshare related claims in Portugal, Worldwide Lawyers can help.

Contact Worldwide Lawyers on 01244 470 339 or at We will be happy to put you in touch with a lawyer with experience with cancelling timeshares in Portugal to assist you in relation to your timeshare claim in Portugal. 

The lawyer will be able to provide you with a free, no-obligation assessment of your Portuguese timeshare claim to help you find a solution to your Portuguese timeshare headache.

The assessment will advise you as to whether you are able to cancel your Portuguese timeshare and the procedures to be followed to cancel or make a claim in relation to your timeshare in Portugal.

If you do decide to take further action, our recommended timeshare claims specialists will provide you with a no-obligation fixed fee quote for all costs to assist you with this.

If you have a timeshare in Portugal and would like to know what your options are in relation to cancelling the timeshare contract, contact Worldwide Lawyers on 01244 470 339 or at info@worldwidelawyers,

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