British urged to take advantage of New Zealand’s new Entrepreneur Work Visa

The New Zealand government has launched a new visa to encourage enterprising migrants to set up businesses down under.

It’s hoped the “entrepreneur work visa” scheme will help create local jobs and support economic growth – particularly outside of Auckland, the biggest city.

The new entrepreneur work visa will replace the current long-term business visa. The entrepreneur work visa will operate under a new points-based system in the hope that it will result in higher quality, more productive businesses.

The scheme offers extra points for businesses outside of the Auckland region, the most popular area for migrants, to encourage people to invest, settle and create jobs right across the country.

Additional points will be on offer according to criteria such as job creation, export potential and business experience. In order to be eligible for this visa you will however require a minimum capital investment of $100,000 which has been set to ensure that applicants have the means to create high-quality businesses.

The Kiwi government are urging qualified British workers to seriously consider the benefits of taking their skills Down Under. The good salaries and enviable lifestyle together with this new visa opportunity is set to make New Zealand one of the most desirable migrant destinations.

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