Tied scroll with old notarial wax seal and stamp on table

What is a notary and do I need one?

If you are dealing with an overseas legal matter or with any formal documentation that will be used abroad, you are likely to have been asked to have documents “notarised” i.e signed in the presence of a notary. But what is a notary? why do you need a notary? and how do you find a […]

PIENZA ITALY - JUNE 21 2015: beautiful renovated tuscan manor at sundown near historic Pienza town in Italy

Buying a Property in Italy: The Purchase Costs

If you are planning to buy a property in Italy, you should make sure your budget takes into account not only the purchase price but also the additional fees and taxes required to complete your purchase. A rough outline of these extra costs of buying property in Italy is set out below. If you have […]

beautiful tropical sandy beach Playa Del Duque in Costa Adeje Tenerife Canary Islands

Quick Guide to Buying Property in Tenerife

The largest of the Spanish Canary Islands, Tenerife continues to be a top choice as a holiday destination. Its year-round sun and fantastic scenery also makes it a popular choice for those looking to purchase a home in the sun. If you are thinking of buying a property in Tenerife, see below our quick guide to buying property in Tenerife to […]

London, UK - May 27, 2012: Barclay and HSBC Towers at Canary Wharf in London's Docklands, the largest financial business development in East London

How to find out if a deceased person had assets in the UK

If you are dealing with the estate of a deceased person who may have held assets in the UK (such as a property, bank accounts, shareholdings or life insurance policies) it can be hard to ensure that you have dealt with all of the UK assets. If you believe that the deceased had assets in […]

Spanish inheritance Spanish Probate Spain

Spanish Inheritance and Probate Process

If you are a solicitor or executor dealing with the estate of someone who died owning assets in Spain or if you are a beneficiary inheriting property or other assets in Spain you will need to be aware of the Spanish inheritance and probate process.   What is the Spanish Inheritance Procedure? The main steps […]