How do you find a good foreign lawyer?

No.. it’s not a trick question – although it may be easier said than done! It can be hard enough to find a good lawyer on home soil so how do you find one to help with an overseas legal transaction? There are many reasons why the assistance of foreign lawyer may be needed and […]


Starting a business abroad

A better quality of life, becoming your own boss, getting away from the rat race and the nine to five routine are all reasons why you might decide to move abroad and set up your own business. Whether you are intending to set up a bar in the Bahamas, an art gallery in Australia or […]


Tips for renting out your overseas property

If you’re planning to rent out your overseas property, it may be helpful for you to consider the following to help make it a successful investment. Are you allowed to let the property? You should check that you are allowed to rent your property out on a short-term basis as some countries do not allow […]