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Getting Married In Italy

Planning a wedding in Italy? – Congratulations! If you are a British citizen and are getting married in Italy, not only will you need to plan the venue, flowers and food- you will need to know what legal documents are required in order for you to get legally married in Italy too! Getting organized with […]

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Spanish Income Tax Amnesty

This year the Spanish government granted a six-month “Tax Amnesty” for certain income tax declarations of foreign nationals (including UK nationals) who are resident in Spain and receiving pension income. This means that UK nationals living in Spain who have not been declaring their pension income can bring their Spanish Tax affairs up to date without incurring fines, penalties […]

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Quick Guide to Buying Property In Portugal

Buying a property in Portugal? Read on for our quick guide to everything you need to know about the legal process of buying a Property in Portugal:   Portugal has a registered property system with state-guaranteed property titles. There is no exchange control or limitation on the number or type of properties that can be purchased […]

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Getting a Spanish N.I.E Number

If you are trying to undertake any official process or fill out any sort of form in Spain you will probably have been asked to provide an NIE Number. Getting organised with regard to your NIE can make your life a whole lot easier when you are in Spain….But what is an NIE number? Why […]

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Why Law Firms Should Consider Currency Exchange Options

Law firms may be required to make overseas payments for many reasons, such as: Sending inheritances to overseas beneficiaries International business acquisitions/ mergers The management of trust funds Personal injury claims The purchase of overseas property Payment of legal fees for opinions from overseas lawyers By treating these overseas payments in the same way as […]