Why Probate Lawyers Should Consider Currency Exchange When Repatriating Foreign Assets

It is becoming increasingly common for lawyers dealing with the administration of estates to find that an estate contains foreign assets such as a property abroad, a foreign bank account or shareholdings in an overseas company, or that there are beneficiaries living abroad. The best way to repatriate the value of these assets or to send […]

Protecting the Proceeds of Your Overseas Property Sale

Thousands of people decide to sell overseas property each year, however the best way to receive the proceeds of the property sale is often not properly considered, meaning the amount actually received by the seller is significantly reduced, often by many thousands.  If you are selling your overseas property, it is likely that the proceeds […]


Recommended Lawyers in Portugal

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Finding a Recommended Turkish Lawyer

Do you need to instruct a Turkish lawyer? There are lots of reasons why you may need to instruct a Turkish lawyer – for example you may be buying a property in Turkey, getting a divorce in Turkey, or dealing with a business or inheritance issue in Turkey. Regardless of your legal issue, if you […]


Need A Recommended Lawyer in Cyprus?

Do you need a lawyer in Cyprus? If you need to instruct a lawyer in Cyprus it can be hard to decide who to choose. Whether you are dealing with a property transaction, an inheritance matter or a commercial issue, without a suitable recommendation for a lawyer in Cyprus it is difficult to know where to start […]