Spanish property deposit refunds

Off-Plan Spanish Property Deposits To Be Refunded By Banks

Have You Lost Deposit Money on an Off-Plan Property In Spain? Spanish ruling provides new opportunity for people who lost deposits on off plan property purchases in Spain to get their money back. A landmark judgment from the Spanish Supreme Court on 21 December 2015, ruled that banks can be held responsible, together with the Spanish property developers, […]

Protecting your inheritance when transferring money overseas

Protecting Overseas Inheritance When Transferring Money Abroad

Millions of people have family or friends who own property abroad or have other foreign assets such as bank accounts, shares or other investments overseas. It is therefore becoming increasingly common for people to inherit assets from abroad when loved ones pass away. The best way to protect overseas inheritance funds when transferring them abroad is however often […]

Closeup of a man signing  divorce papers.

How To Reduce The Cost Of Your Divorce

On average over 118,000 couples get divorced in England and Wales each year. The process of getting divorced is not only stressful and time consuming it is also expensive. With not only the legality of the divorce to be dealt with but also the matrimonial finances, the average cost of legal fees in a divorce […]

Applying for Spanish Visa Spain

Applying for a Golden Visa in Spain

In September 2013 Spain introduced a Golden Visa investment scheme to attract investment in Spain by non-EU citizens. The laws were amended in 2015 to make it easier for applicants to obtain the Golden visa in Spain. The Golden Visa Investment scheme allows non-EU investors to apply for Spanish residency and later citizenship in return […]