Advice from reputable English-speaking spanish lawyer

Recommended English-Speaking Lawyers in Spain

Spain’s fantastic weather, relaxed way of life and proximity to the UK and other European countries has meant that Spain has always been a popular destination for foreigners. Many foreigners therefore have assets in Spain such as a holiday property, permanent home, a business or other assets in Spain. There are therefore may reasons why you may need a lawyer […]


Free Buying Guides for Spain, Portugal, France and Italy

Great New Buying Guides from Total Buying Abroad! Worldwide Lawyers has teamed up with Total Buying Abroad to bring you some great new Buying Guides for those looking to buy property in Spain, Portugal, France or Italy. Total Buying Abroad is a UK based company which provides guides, information and recommendation for various property professionals […]

Old town Salzburg, Austria

Need A Recommended Lawyer in Austria?

With its beautiful scenery and strong business culture, Austria attracts many foreigners as a great holiday, relocation or business destination. There are therefore many reasons why you may require the services of an Austrian lawyer. If you need to instruct a lawyer in Austria it can be hard to decide who to choose. Without a suitable recommendation […]