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Getting a Fiscal Number in Portugal

In order to undertake any official process in Portugal, such as buying a property, opening a bank account or even setting up an account with a utilities company you will be required to have a tax card and fiscal number. But what is a fiscal number? Why do you need a tax identification number in […]

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Get More From The Best Currency Exchange Rates

The constantly fluctuating currency exchange rates are the single biggest influence on any overseas transfers that you need to make and the amount you will have to pay. If you need to make a purchase in euros, for example, the price that you pay for this in pounds will change by the second as currencies […]

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When To Instruct Your Overseas Property Lawyer?

At Worldwide Lawyers, we are frequently asked by people planning to buy a property abroad “When is the best time to contact a lawyer?”. Contacting them too soon – you worry that you will end up wasting their time or incur unnecessary additional costs when you might not actually proceed with a property purchase just yet; […]